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Consultative Selling - Achieving Success

What separates a successful sales person from an unsuccessful one are certain essential behaviours and skills that the successful ones have and the unsuccessful ones don't. These are:


1. Ability to appeal to customer's all five senses


2. Ability to structure relevant probing questions to uncover customer needs


3. Ability to probe without sounding unnecessarily interrogative or forceful


4. Listen actively to understand rather than react, defend or justify


5. Listen without preconceived notions or biases


6. Genuinely empathise with customer's concerns and problems


7. Engage in dialogues & conversations not monologues


8. Pitch solutions not 'products or services'


9. Talk benefits not just features or advantages


10. Handle doubts and objections openly, assertively, with intention to resolve 


11. Proactively encourage customers to express doubts and objections.


12. Create moments of magic for customers not moments of misery


13. Negotiate with customers for win : win outcome


14. Never push customers to buy


15. Prefer to develop relationships not transactional interactions


16. Never commit what they can't deliver


17. Always deliver what they commit


18. Change communication style to mirror customer’s


19. See rejection as an opportunity not problem


20. Regularly update their own knowledge & skills


How do you measure up to all of the above?


Consultative Selling Workshops for Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta).



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