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Consultative Selling - Managing Sales Interviews

 Question - How can I salvage a bad sales interview after it's over?


Answer - You can't.


'Hit the iron when it's hot and not when it's not'. And it's hot only when the interview is in progress, not before and never after. In fact, following up post interview just makes you look desperate & needy. It's like closing the stable doors after the horse has bolted.


If you haven't been able to create a good impression during the interview, don't try and salvage it by sending post interview emails, messages, etc. They won’t be entertained and it’ll just end up ‘irritating’ your interviewers. They already don’t have a good impression about you and you don’t want to make it worse.


Leave with dignity, analyse what you could have done better and then do better in your next interview.


FU Question - So what can I do to create a good impression during the sales interview?


Answer – Share real examples of what you DID to:


1. Increase your prospect pipeline & customer base (hunting activities)


2. Increase repeat sales (farming activities)


3. Enhance sales revenue through upselling & cross selling


4. Reduce customer churn & retain customers


5. Get back ‘ex-customers’


6. Delight customers


7. Handle tough customers (internal & external)


8. Resolve customer complaints (internal & external)


The operative word here is DID – share what you actually DID and not what you ‘wanted to do’ or thought about doing’, or ‘would have liked to do’.


What you DID in the past is the best indicator of what you can DO in the future too, so bring out real and meaningful examples and incidences.


This will highlight your true value as a sales professional and give the interview your very own personal touch, greatly enhancing your selection chances.


Interview Skills Workshop for Management Students, FMRS, AMU (Aligarh)

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