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Success Story - The Human Statue

Updated: Apr 14

Remember ‘Statue!’, the game we played as kids. We said ‘Statue!’ and our friends had to be absolutely motionless. Only when we said ‘Over!’ could they move again. It was a fun game to play as children. But as we reached adulthood our priorities changed, got into other activities and stopped playing this game altogether. 


One adult still hasn’t - Mr. A. Seshu Babu aka The Human Statue. In fact, over the years he’s got so good at playing statue that he has set numerous records (national & world) for standing motionless dressed as Mahatma Gandhi, once even for as long as 36 hours & 45 minutes.


I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. A. Seshu Babu during a CRM Workshop for Honda Power Products Limited (HPPL) at Greater Noida.


Mr. Seshu Babu built his success as a human statue primarily on 5Ps -


PASSION – Why would anyone invest such long hours, endure discomfort, pain, setbacks & rejections and sacrifice instant gratification, if they were not utterly & thoroughly passionate about their work and their goals. Mr. Seshu Babu started standing still 30 years ago and is still going strong, one statue at a time.


PRIORITISE – Over the years our responsibilities increase forcing us to relook our priorities. Yet this doesn’t necessarily have to lead to a choice between ‘this or that’. With proper planning, prioritising and discipline much more can be achieved – ‘this and that too’. Mr. Seshu Babu never allowed his passion for standing still to take a back seat, but nor did he allow it to compromise his other priorities. He’s perfected the art of balancing priorities, critical for healthy work-life parity & success.


PREPARE – Can you grow without preparation ? Standing motionless for 4 hrs., 6 hrs., 8 hrs., 25 hrs. and finally 36 hrs. didn’t happen all by itself for Mr. Seshu Babu. He had to prepare to achieve each milestone and then reprepare himself to achieve the next higher one. Can’t standstill for 25 hrs. when you know how to do it only for 8 hrs. Important to build & rebuild competencies - consciously, strategically & consistently. What brought us here may not be good enough to take us further.


PERSIST – Standing still from 4 hrs. to 36 hrs. in 22 years. Just imagine the number of times Mr. Seshu Babu must have been tempted to give up and let go, for handling rigour, sacrifices, challenges and other hardships, day in and day out, is never easy. Thankfully he didn’t. Which is why the rest is history.


PATIENCE – They say real pleasure doesn’t come in an instant. Well, neither did Mr. Seshu Babu’s success. He had passion, he prepared well and he know that if he just stayed focussed and kept ticking all the right boxes, it would only be a matter of time before he fulfilled his long cherished dream of being the Human Statue of the world. Move over Marvel, there’s a new super hero in town.


Truly inspirational.


How are your 5Ps doing?




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